Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wrong formula in sporting excellence

2 reports in the news today struck me.

The first one says that Singapore is on track to achieve sporting excellence by 2010. Apparently there were some indicators set up some time ago and the sporting community is set to achieve those targets by decade's end.

The second one talks about how South Korea just received the rights to host another Asian leg of the Formula One motor racing from 2010 onwards.

Some time ago, the government was lauding so much on the possibilities (and benefits) of having F1 racing brought into Singapore. Most F1 enthusiasts (and people who are in the know) would know that the economy would benefit alot from the staging of an F1 race in Singapore. Indeed it is analogous to having the World Cup Finals because motor racing is in the high-spectatorship league with millions of ardent fans and followers.

I'm not going to speculate anything, but it seems apparent that the planning and organisation of such a world-class event has died a natural death here.

Too bad the rights have gone to South Korea now. Would it have any bearing on whether Singapore would get future rights? Let's not be too complacent, but there's already Japan, Malaysia, China, and Bahrain in the asian circuit. Now Korea will be added to the list for the likes of future Schumachers and Fernandos to pit their skills against men and machines.

Down the drain - Singapore hopes for F1 racing.

And then I also want to highlight the involvement of local sporting talents. Did anyone hear about the Singapore Slingers? They are a new basketball team playing in the Australian Basketball League and are based in Singapore. The ABL has the likes of NBA style play and awestruck asian kids would get a chance to see real in-your-face slam dunks. Shiok right! I thought so too. Initially. But that's about the intention they have, or so I think. Local involvement? Gee whiz... NOTHING. I saw a couple of asian faces in the team, but they weren't even in the reserve line-up. So in effect, I'm watching a bunch of guai-lo and a couple of black dudes playing the game as if I'm watching a regular NBA game on cable. In fact, it's better watching NBA games on cable, coz it was really pathetic to be part of a 300-strong crowd watching my 'home team' play at the Indoor Stadium. Besides, i'd say about 90% of the 300-strong crowd were aussies anyway. Oh, did I mention that not even the scores of our glorious Singapore team are reported in the news? And that the only local involvement I saw a part of the Slinger team are the Slinger girls - the bimbotic equivalent of 'professional' cheerleaders. Shaking their bonbons IS NOT professional cheerleading. They need to at least watch some videos.

Down the drain - local 'professional' sports involving local talent. I mean, seriously, who benefits?

And there are hopes of staging the Commonwealth Games?

We are on target in achieving sporting excellence?

Has the government compared themselves with our neighboring countries like Vietnam and Thailand? If indicators are anything to come by, I think our neighbours are getting there. Not us.


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