Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Alright. I know, I know I haven't been doing my daily grind. I'm getting fat despite getting back into the scheme of things.

I have this theory about getting back the pounds. You see, back in July, I felt fit - well at least fit enough to do a good OD tri. But of course THE accident happened and I've been out of action for 3 months already. Initially, I lost more weight in the first month or so. Then I started to gain the pounds in the last one month and it's very obvious.

Signs that you're putting the pounds back on:
  1. your colleagues tell you so,
  2. your parents said so,
  3. your relatives enquire about your 'wealth',
  4. your pants 'shrink',
  5. your beer belly makes a homecoming,
  6. you feel tired

The funny thing is that I started to train again since last month, albeit at a decreased intensity and frequency compared to my peak in July. Overall, I still exercise more than most people! And dig this: my diet hasn't changed dramatically to warrant horizontal expansion!

So what's the problem 'ere?

I reckon the reason I lost weight initially was that my body metabolics were 'fighting' to recover my left hand injury.

And then since I was in 'recovery mode', my metabolism probably slowed down considerably. The fats then decided to take over my muscles.

Now since I've started training, my metabolism is trying to break the lazy barrier again. While it is doing so, I gain the pounds. I figure I'd probably need to work on my base (again) to get more efficient fat-burning to take place.....

Makes sense?

In any case, I'm due for another surgery at the end of November to take out the pins in my hand. I went for an x-ray yesterday and the results show a vast improvement in bone growth. Doc says I can work on some light weights already.


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