Thursday, November 02, 2006

I (Eighth) Wonder Why...

The race is on for the Sentosa Integrated Resort (SIR) and Eighth Wonder has put in a $5.5 Billion proposal for the state-of-the-art casino-cum-theme park on the island formerly known as Pulau Blakang Mati. The SIR will be called Harry's Island if Eighth Wonder gets picked.

And Eighth Wonder is conceptualizing SIR based on a 'fictional' founder of the resort called Harry "Hurricane" O'Brien, an adventurer, researcher, and explorer who was born at the Raffles Hotel in 1900.

I'm not sure how the fictional story goes, but I see some uncanny parallels.

Stick with me...
  1. Who is the most respected 'sir' in Singapore now?
  2. Who is an alumnus of Raffles Institution?
  3. In a recent trip to Las Vegas, who didn't rule out further IR developments in Singapore?
  4. Who is the 'father' of Singapore now?
  5. In all the answers above, what is this respected dude's christian name?
  6. Since we're at the topic of casinos, do you think it might be apt to just call it Harry's LucKY Island?


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